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High-Conductivity Carbon-Epoxy System

• Multi-walled carbon nanotube (MWNT)-epoxy system
• Designed as an additive for static dissipative applications
• High-conductivity concentrate for producing unsurpassed electrical conductivity and simplicity of processing


• ESD/anti-static protection
• Coatings, paints, adhesives
• Flooring
• Microelectronics
• Power systems
• Conductive inks
• Fiber-reinforced composites
• Lightning strike and edge glow protection
• Corrosion protection


• Up to 45X greater electrical conductivity than leading nanotube (SWNT) products
• Extremely low dosage levels for low cost-in-use
• Easy to let down/dilute in the field with simple equipment
• Blends easily with other formulation components
• Enables bright colors with minimal carbon masking
• Enables UV-curing with static dissipative properties
• Formulate thin coatings where weight-reduction is critical
• VOC-free with no toxic chemicals


OXYQUAN™ - ESD epoxy concentrate with 17.2 kΩ/sq sheet resistance

Standard product: 1 kg off-the-shelf

Also available:

• Production quantities
• Customized CNT concentrations
• Custom Epoxy grades

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