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Carbon Nanotube Pastes and Inks


Carbon nanotube (CNT) pastes and inks offer the promise of a vast range of beneficial properties in products for consumer electronics and many other applications.

Even as the cost of CNTs is decreasing as manufacturers ratchet up production, CNTs show numerous handling problems that prevent their full benefits from being realized.



Fundamental issues currently prevent mass production of optimal CNT composite formulations and products:

• Poor dispersion and uneven distribution
• Restricted filler concentration/loading
• Adverse rheology and difficulty in processing
• Inadequate properties and performance
• Inadequate material shelf life due to instability


The NanoQuan Solution

Our breakthrough mixing-and-dispersion technology solves the problems of unwanted CNT agglomeration. It solves the problems of poor loading control and non-uniform dispersion and distribution of CNTs in a vast range of host matrix materials.


CNT Formulators And Product Developers Can Now Achieve:

 Uniform dispersion and distribution
• Greatly improved rheology
• Unsurpassed CNT concentration levels
Greater stability for extended shelf life

Comparative Results

SEM Images Of CNTs At 30,000 X

Left: Pristine Sample* shows massively entangled CNT aggregates.

Right: NanoQuan Sample shows an extremely uniform distribution of disentangled CNTs to the primary structure level.

Pristine Sample NanoQuan Sample

CNT type: Industrial grade, multi-walled nanotubes (MWNTs); long (> 50 µm), high-aspect-ratio
Surface chemistry: unfunctionalized
Host matrix material: water
CNT concentration/loading level: 5 wt. %

*Pristine Sample: a small quantity of as received CNTs was bath sonicated for 1 minute


  • Printable Inks for Electronics
  • Electronics Electrical Protection (ESD/EMI)
  • Lightweight Structural Composites
  • Li-ion Batteries


Download a PDF brochure detailing representative sample results of NanoQuan mixing-and-dispersion technology that removes the key barriers to wider commercial production of CNTs.

Carbon Nanotube Pastes and Inks