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Hexagonal Boron Nitride (hBN)



Hexagonal boron nitride formulated in nanocomposites promises many enhancements – in thermal, mechanical, optical and electrical insulation properties and resulting performance.   



However, hBN, like virtually all other multi-layered materials such as graphite and clay, cannot be effectively dispersed using traditional technologies, because strong forces tightly bind its multi-layered nanosheets.  This lamination phenomenon creates fundamental issues that prevent mass production of optimal, cost-effective hBN-containing composites.

The major limitations of hBN nanocompostes prepared with current mixing technology are:

  • Poor dispersion
  • Uneven distribution
  • Inadequate shelf life
  • Contamination from equipment wear during mixing
  • Inadequate properties


The NanoQuan Solution 

NanoQuan’s mixing-and-dispersion technology platform produces dispersed and stabilized large-area hBN nanosheets directly in silicone elastomer.  The technology exfoliates – or delaminates – multi-layered hBN platelets into nanosheets. 

The high aspect ratio and greatly increased surface area of exfoliated nanosheets provide many exceptional and unique properties.  These include greatly enhanced thermal conductivity, optical properties, barrier properties and electrical insulation.


Comparative Results

A low concentration sample of hBN in a silicone elastomer was mixed by both NanoQuan processing and by a conventional mixer.

The NanoQuan-processed hBN material shows a 10-15X  increase in the period of stabilization.  This is a direct result of significantly improved dispersion, distribution, wet-out and exfoliation, compared to a Pristine Sample.

NanoQuan Sample

Boron nitride type: hexagonal boron nitride (hBN); platelets mean lateral size < 20 µm
Surface chemistry:  unfunctionalized
Host matrix material:  silicone elastomer (viscosity ~ 3,000 cP)

*Pristine Sample: as-received hBN was homogenized in silicone elastomer using a mechanical impeller mixer


  • Thermal Interface Materials (TIMs)
  • Electronics and LED Encapsulants
  • Other Thermal Management Parts


Download a PDF brochure detailing test results of NanoQuan mixing-and-dispersion technology applied to hBN. 

Boron Nitride Additive Packages