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Transform Material Properties and Performance

You can transform the way you use technology for product development.  NanoQuan will dramatically improve your       formulated nano materials for a vast range of applications, enabling you to create materials with performance and properties beyond your current capabilities.

When your objectives include manufacturing new patentable, high-margin specialty nanocomposite materials and products, NanoQuan technology can help you get there. 
What Is NanoQuan Technology?
NanoQuan’s patented, ‘multi-physics’ mixing-and-dispersion technology overcomes the chief obstacle to mass production of nanocomposites – agglomeration, the tendency of nano-fillers to clump in the surrounding host matrix material, blocking uptake of their beneficial properties and performance. NanoQuan technology enables production of nanocomposites with unsurpassed properties and performance.

Nano Technology

What Can It Do For Your Nano Materials?

Incorporate A Wide Range of Fillers

Any Shape: Nano-Particles | Fibers | Tubes | Wires| Rods | Flakes | Platelets

Any Size: Nano-Fillers | Micro-Fillers

Any Type: Metals | Metal Oxides | Ceramics

Carbon-Based Nanostructures:
Carbon Nanotubes | Carbon Black | Graphene 


... Into A Wide Range Of Host Matrix Materials

Liquid Polymers | Polymer Solutions

Liquids | Colloids | Emulsions


... Using A Green Process

Uses no chemical additives, or
A minimum of non-toxic chemicals

Effective With Dispersing Agents

Strongly boosts material performance
Greatly extends sedimentation resistance
Lower viscosities enable higher processing speeds
Optimized material and flow properties
Increases production yields

Achieve Unsurpassed Levels of Nano-Filler Mixing

Optimizes distribution
Maximizes dispersion

Untangles high-aspect-ratio nanostructures:                   Tubes | Fibers | Wires | Rods
Exfoliates/delaminates multi-layer                      
nanostructures: Platelets


Control Desired Properties 

Step-change increases in filler wt. % loading           .......with identical or lower viscosities
Orders-of-magnitude lower viscosities -               ........with identical or higher wt. % loading
Dramatically improved properties and performance

      Mechanical | Thermal | Electrical | Optical |             Others                                                                         Significantly better flow characteristics
No damage to matrix material

Download a brochure explaining NanoQuan’s unique mixing-and-dispersion technology that overcomes the key barriers to higher-performance nanocomposites.

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