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Leading The Next Generation in Materials Performance

The Company

NanoQuan develops and manufactures advanced materials.


We create high-performance nanocomposite materials with unsurpassed electrical, mechanical, optical, thermal and other properties.


NanoQuan’s patented dispersion-mixing technology is the gateway to mass production of advanced nanocomposites. Our unique process incorporates nano-fillers in a wide range of host materials and disperses them to levels and amounts far beyond the capabilities of conventional mixing technologies. NanoQuan technology unlocks the next generation in materials performance.


Our materials support industries that need the ultimate in performance:
Electronics / Automotive / Aerospace / Defense / Paints and Coatings / Healthcare / Consumer Products / Packaging


We provide advanced nanocomposites to:
Materials producers / Formulators / End-product manufacturers

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Contact us to discuss your requirements. Toll-free: 1-226-240-8379