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Solving Nano-Agglomeration
In Polymers, Elastomers, Liquids and Gels

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Innovative Nanocomposites

We co-develop nanocomposites with our customers and manufacture custom finished nanocomposites.

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Producing Breakthrough Nanocomposites with New Technology

The Company 

NanoQuan is an innovative specialty materials manufacturer. 

We create nanocomposite materials with unsurpassed properties – mechanical, electrical, optical, thermal and others.  Our materials provide step-change improvements in specifications, properties and performance. 

NanoQuan’s platform technology is the gateway to mass production of advanced specialty nanocomposites using a vast array of host materials – including thermosets, thermoplastics, elastomers, liquids and gels. The technology is effective with virtually any nano-filler.

Our process incorporates nano-fillers in a host material and disperses them to levels and amounts far beyond the capabilities of conventional mixing technologies.  Our green process minimizes or eliminates use of toxic chemicals. 

NanoQuan’s formulated materials support industries that require the ultimate dispersion and concentration of nano-fillers in high-performance components and products: 


Electronics | Energy Storage | Automotive | Aerospace | Defense

Consumer Goods | Packaging | Healthcare

Working With Us

We work with materials producers, formulators and end-product manufacturers to…

  • Co-develop breakthrough nanocomposites
  • Toll-manufacture formulated materials for development partners
  • Deploy the technology for on-site manufacture, for larger requirements
  • Scale the technology quickly – shortening time-to-market
  • Manufacture custom finished nanocomposites

Contact us to discuss your requirements for advanced nanocomposites.

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